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You highlighted to us that sometimes we use medical terminology that isn't easy to understand or isn't explained to you properly and that we don't always keep you informed of what is happening. 

Our response

We aim to give you enough information, in a way you can understand, to enable you to make informed decisions about your care.

Your doctor, nurse or other health professional will explain to you what your treatment will involve.

Please ask questions until you understand all you need to know and remember to tell the staff about anything that concerns you or about any medication, eg allergies or past history, which might affect your general health.

To try to answer some of the everyday questions about hospital life, each bed at GWH now has a Bedside Guide which includes information such as who's who on the ward, the daily routine and what to do if you need any extra help or support such as language, sensory impairments and mobility.

Please share any comments, good or bad, with your Matron, Ward Manager or the Customer Services team.

When you are discharged, you will be given a card which asks how likely you are to recommend us to a friend or family member, should they need similar care or treatment.

This is called the Friends and Family Test.

We'd really appreciate it if you could complete this card and post it in the letterbox in the ward or hand it to ward staff.

If you are not offered a Friends and Family card and would like to give feedback you can make your comments online.

The feedback from these comment cards is really valuable to us, we use these to learn as an organisation and ensure we are always improving.

Every comment is read and shared with the relevant ward or department teams and reviewed at Trust Board level making sure this valued information is seen at all levels of the organisation.


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