Your comments

You commended our staff and volunteers for being helpful and respectful and giving great care.

However, you did express your concerns over issues such as calls bells not being answered quickly enough and delays in having to wait for a commode or to get a drink of water.

Our response

The Great Western Hospital has a strong reputation for quality and excellence and we are very proud of our staff.

We are also passionate about listening to what patients are telling us and want to know when we don't get things right. 

We are concerned to hear that some general care on our wards has not met the standards we set and what you expect as a patient.

Your comments will be shared with all staff so they are aware of these issues and can ensure they are tackled.

The timely answering of call bells is a high priority for the Trust and something that we measure weekly for each individual clinical area.

We have a standard that 95% of all call bells will be answered within five minutes and we do well meeting this standard in a lot of areas.

It is more challenging to respond to patient call bells within the five-minute standard on our bigger inpatient ward areas, however with the focus on nurse recruitment and the success we have had with reducing vacancies we are beginning to see a steady improvement.

We have also introduced 'comfort rounds' which ensures all patients are attended to on a regular basis, depending on their needs this can range from every half an hour to every four hours.

These comfort rounds provide checks on essential needs such as food, drinks, changing positions and assisting with personal care.

We would always advise patients to share any concerns with a member of the ward staff during their stay in hospital so any issues can be resolved as quickly and easily as possible.

If you feel your concern has not been addressed fully, please contact the Customer Services team.


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