Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Great Western Hospital

Arriving at the hospital

What bus services run to the hospital?

Please see Maps and directions.

I am Blue Badge holder; what happens if I arrive at the hospital and all of the Blue Badge parking spaces are taken?

Please see Car parking at the Great Western Hospital > Disabled parking.

I have mobility issues and will need to use a wheelchair to get around when I come to the hospital; will there be a wheelchair available to use?

Yes; the hospital has wheelchairs for patients and visitors to borrow whilst on site and getting to and from their transport.

A £1 coin is required to release a wheelchair; you will get your £1 back on return of the wheelchair.

If necessary, please ask for assistance at the nearest reception desk.  

Your appointment

I am unable to make my appointment; can I change or cancel it online?

Yes; you can confirm, rearrange or cancel your appointment on the 'Your appointments' page of the Trust's website.

You will need to provide the following information as a minimum to be able to cancel your appointment online:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Date of birth
  • Type of appointment (i.e. outpatient or admission to hospital); and
  • Date of appointment.

I've tried calling the Outpatients Booking Centre during office hours but the line is always busy and I need to discuss my appointment with a member of staff; how can I get to talk to someone before my appointment?

We know the phone line for the Outpatients Booking Centre can be busy during peak hours, which can make it difficult for patients to get through.

To help with this, we've extended the opening hours of the centre.

The phone line is now open until 8.00pm, Monday-Friday; and 9.00am-12.00pm on Saturday.

You can also rearrange or cancel your appointment online (please see above).

I need help with getting to and from the hospital and have been told I'm eligible for hospital transport; how do I book it?

Please see Non-emergency patient transport

I need an interpreter when I come for my appointment; what help is available?

Please see Interpreting and translation services.

I was given a prescription during my appointment/discharge and told that I need to get it from the on-site Boots Outpatient Pharmacy; what if I need to get it before I leave but don't have enough money with me?

The Boots Outpatient Pharmacy accepts cash, cheque and credit/debit cards.

If you find you do not have enough cash or other means to pay for your prescription before you leave the hospital, you can ask to be invoiced for the goods.

You will be given the invoice there and then and given two weeks to pay it.

Life on the hospital wards

I want to send a friend / relative staying at the hospital flowers.  Do the hospital wards accept flowers?

Many wards do not accept flowers now due to a slightly higher risk of infection, lack of space and the difficulty keeping surfaces free and clear for cleaning.

Hopefully people also find themselves staying in hospital for a shorter time and therefore the receiving of flowers at home once discharged is a good alternative. 

Please always check with the ward before sending or bringing flowers to the hospital to avoid disappointment please see the page for each one:  Wards and services.

If a ward does not accept flowers, good alternatives are fruit (fruit that needs peeling is best), squash, reading material and hand/face wipes.

What are the visiting times for the wards at the Great Western Hospital?

These vary from ward to ward - please see the page for each one: Wards and services.

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