Getting to your appointment

When you are first referred by your GP for treatment, they will assess your medical and mobility condition to decide if ambulance transport is needed.

  • Do you have a relative or friend that could take and bring you back from an appointment?
  • Do you presently use public transport to go shopping/visit friends/relatives?

If you can answer yes to either of the above questions, then unfortunately you would not be eligible for our patient transport services.

Transport may be provided if:

  • You need to travel on a stretcher
  • You need continual support to walk or travel in a wheelchair
  • You have another mobility problem that requires the assistance of Patient Transport Services staff
  • You are receiving current treatment that leaves you too ill or weak to drive, use a taxi or use public transport
  • You need oxygen and the Patient Transport staff to administer it
  • You have communication or other difficulties that require skilled assistance.

The need to provide transport will then be reviewed at each outpatient visit as individual needs may change over time.

Directions and travel information 

For directions and travel information to any of our community services please search our directory. 


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