While you are in hospital, it's important that you eat enough of the right food to help with your recovery.

Our catering partner, Carillion, provide a wide choice on the menu, so that every diet can be catered for.

You will be given a menu to choose your meals from in advance; please ask the nursing staff to help you make your choices if you are at all unsure.

Special arrangements

Please tell the nursing staff if:

  • If you have any difficulties eating or drinking using the crockery and cutlery provided (specialist equipment can be made available as necessary)
  • You need assistance at mealtimes
  • You have any special dietry requirements
  • You wish to see a dietician
  • You wish to see a member of the catering staff

Sometimes patients (particularly the elderly) who come into hospital are already malnourished or at risk of further malnourishment.

To reduce this risk we use a 'red jugs' and 'red trays' system, which indicates to staff that a patient might require additional supervision and/or support at mealtimes.

Meal times

These vary throughout the Trust, and some wards have special arrangements (see the individual ward pages for details).

The following is a typical schedule of meal times, but the times are a very general approximation:

  • Breakfast: from 7.15am
  • Mid-morning drink: 10.15am
  • Lunch: from 12.00pm
  • Afternoon drink: 2.30pm
  • Evening meal: from 5.15pm
  • Evening drink: 8.30pm


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