Arrangements at the hospital

Collecting the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (MCCD)

The death will need to be registered, and to do this you will need an MCCD.

We will liaise with the medical team regarding completion of the MCCD.

This process may take up to 72 hours and so will not be available the next working morning.

Doctors will attend the department throughout the day, and once they have discussed each case with their teams and completed the certificate, we will contact you.

Upon completion, we will make arrangements for you to collect the MCCD at your convenience from the Brunel Treatment Centre within the hospital (Monday to Friday, 9.00am-4.00pm).

When you telephone, it helps if you can tell us if there will be a burial or a cremation, so that we can prepare the documents that the funeral director will need.

Dealing with H M Coroner

The Coroner may have to be informed of a person's death, e.g.:

  • If they had had a fall or accident
  • If the death was sudden
  • If they had been in hospital for less than 24 hours

The Coroner will decide if the hospital doctor can issue the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (MCCD) or whether a post-mortem is necessary.

You will be informed as soon as possible if the Coroner takes over responsibility.

Hospital post-mortem

The doctor issuing the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (MCCD) may ask the next of kin or executor to agree to a hospital post-mortem.

The doctor and the Mortuary and Bereavement Team will discuss this with you and explain the reasons for the request.

In such circumstances, the next of kin or executor will be asked to sign a consent form for a post-mortem to be undertaken.

A hospital post-mortem will not normally delay funeral arrangements, and registration of the death can still take place.

Collection of property

If there is any property to be collected we will inform you when we make contact regarding the Medical Certificate of Cause Of Death (MCCD).

Not all property is passed to the Mortuary and Bereavement Service, and may still be on the ward; and so you may be redirected there.

Seeing your loved one

It is usual for relatives and friends to see the deceased at the funeral director's chapel of rest, and so you should contact them to arrange an appointment.

There is not a chapel of rest at the hospital, but can provide a viewing room (for relatives only) if necessary.

We operate a half-hour appointment system - Monday to Friday, from 9.00am with the last appointment at 3.00pm.

If a viewing is required, please contact us to arrange a convenient time.

If you would like a Chaplin to also attend, we can arrange this for you.

Further information

Registering the death

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