Equality, diversity and inclusion are an essential part of providing excellent patient care. 

We've worked with staff, volunteers and community members to gain feedback about what is important to them and to start to understand the issues they face and the concerns they have in order to develop our first ever Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

This strategy isn't about box-ticking or achieving compliance - it's about providing a vision and framework for doing the right things, for the right reasons, with the aim of being the best place to work or to receive treatment for our patients and communities.

The strategy aims to create a culture that ensures that every single person we deal with, whether patients, their families and carers, staff members or volunteers is treated with dignity and respect.

It's built on two principles of equality - equal treatment and equal opportunity - and will guide us in the delivery of our vision and goals over the next four years. 

To find out more about the main focus areas of the strategy and what they mean, please see the following videos from some staff members, who have been instrumental in building the implementation plan.

Please click the image to watch each video.

Inclusive and compassionate leadership

Represented and supported workforce

Support our patients and communities

Let every voice be heard