Improving Together is our Trust-wide approach to change, innovation and continuous improvement.

We are introducing a consistent methodology across the organisation so that we all make improvements in the same way, and that every member of staff understands how they can contribute towards, or lead, improvements.

Every member of staff, across our hospital, our community and primary care services, will be empowered with the training, support and tools they need to explore areas for improvement in a consistent, effective and successful way.

Improving Together is how we are going to deliver our vision and the four pillars that we want to be known for, and will become the golden thread that runs through all that we do to make our Trust a safer place to receive care and a better place to work.

It is a significant cultural shift in how we work as an organisation, how we behave and how we make decisions. But it is also a way of working which strongly supports a journey we have already started.

Our four areas of improvement

Through our new approach to improvement called Improving Together, we are making improvements in four areas - our four pillars which we want to be known for. This is how we are going to achieve our vision as an organisation.

We want every member of staff understand what our vision is, what the four pillars are, and how they can contribute towards, or lead, improvements in their area which support these pillars.

Here’s a short video explaining our vision and four pillars:

The Transformation and Information Hub

Improving Together: Great improvements are happening every day


Here are just some of the improvements our staff are making in their own areas.