The Wiltshire Heart Throbs release their fifth charity single after surviving COVID-19

Posted: December 7, 2020

Raising funds for the Trust's charity, Brighter Futures, and UNICEF

The Wiltshire Heart Throbs, featuring Dr Bill  McCrea, Consultant Cardiologist at Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, have released their fifth charity single, 'Corona', to raise funds for the Trust's charity Brighter Futures and UNICEF.

This year the song  also featuring Dr Valerie Barlow, Consultant Physician, is dedicated to all the health care professionals on the frontline fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

Filmed outside the Great Western Hospital, Dr McCrea and Dr Barlow sing poignant lyrics that reflect on the whole of 2020, written by the singing heart consultant himself.


Dr McCrea contracted coronavirus very early on in the pandemic and has used his experience to create something positive.

He said: "I have been playing guitar and writing songs for my group, The Wiltshire Heart Throbs, since 2016.

"I wrote 'Corona' at the height of my illness when I had a severe headache and temperature. I wrote the lyrics as I saw the rapid spread of this disease across the globe unfold on the news.

"I was on sick leave for a total of six weeks with coronavirus and I then returned to work on a part time basis until my energy levels recovered. 

"I certainly was not fit enough to perform cardiac operations right away, so I was assigned to a ward where I cared for patients who were recovering from COVID-19. 

"It took approximately five months for my energy levels to fully recover and I felt able to return to my normal working schedule.

"During the pandemic, staff from all over the Trust were deployed to wherever they were needed and we all did it willingly, even though we were often assigned to unfamiliar clinical environments.

"I am now well and am very grateful that I have survived COVID-19.

"I would like to thank my family, friends and all those doctors and nurses who helped to look after me.

"I am so grateful to my colleagues at Great Western Hospital for all their kindness and support during my illness and for their dedication to duty during this pandemic. 

"I have witnessed deaths from this disease and as a consequence, I want people to avoid contracting COVID-19 until a vaccine is available.

"I strongly support the current Public Health measures which are now in place. These will enable us to protect the vulnerable members of our society as well as prevent our health services from being overwhelmed."

Wiltshire Heart Throbs 2020 700

Left to right: Recording Engineer, Peter George Rowe; Dr William McCrea; Dr Valerie Barlow

Dr Barlow, said: "It has been a really tough time during this pandemic.

"Bill's story of hope, connection and inspiration has emerged through this charity single.

"Raising money for Brighter Futures to give back to the community that works tirelessly to ensure everyone's safety and wellness is an honour to be a part of."

Download the single

All proceeds from downloads of the single will be donated to the Trust's charity Brighter Futures and UNICEF.

The music video is available on the GWH NHS Foundation Trust YouTube channel and can be downloaded from:

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