Thank you for your continued support

Posted: April 9, 2020

We have been overwhelmed by the generous donations

We want to say a big thank you to every business, school and local person who has donated their time, goods and services to us over the last few weeks.

We have been overwhelmed by the generous donations, gifts and messages of support from the local community, who have been helping to make life easier for our staff, patients and their families at this difficult time.

From food and drink, equipment and hand gel, and hundreds of knitted hearts and other homemade items, we are so grateful for every donation.

If you are making homemade items such as hearts, headbands or laundry bags please send in what you have made but please pause on making any more so that we can coordinate and distribute the hundreds of donations we already have received to date and assess stock levels. This will also give us time to work out exactly what we need the most and the safest way to source these items.

At this time, we are still seeking donations of new personal protective equipment (PPE) and anyone who can support with this should contact Brighter Futures in the first instance.

We are working hard to minimise the number of people visiting the hospital so please do not post, or hand deliver, any items without first talking to Brighter Futures.

We now have a dedicated Covid-19 Appeal for monetary donations, which will be used to purchase important health and wellbeing supplies for our staff.

Please don't worry if you can't help us financially, we will be updating our social media channels to appeal for specific items we need, there are many other ways you can support us.

As always, thank you for your continued support. It really does mean the world to us.

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