Phone fault affecting GP surgeries

Posted: January 29, 2020

Message for patients at Moredon Medical Centre, Abbey Meads Medical Centre, Crossroads Surgery and Penhill Surgery

Recently, BT ran a major firmware upgrade across their network.

By doing this upgrade, it resulted in a number of faults.

The impact of this for us, and many others, is that we lost both incoming and outcoming calls - this was a BT network problem and not the system that the practices use locally.

From Monday last week, BT reversed the upgrade to try and resolve the problem, however there were still some faults which led to further issues throughout the week.

As a result, BT have started to remove the upgrade and are now putting it on a separate server, which is not operational, to test fully it and ensure it is working.

Until it is fully removed from the network server, we are still having intermittent issues.

Although our lines are currently operational, there are only so many calls at any one time that the network can handle.

Patients may hear an engaged tone or get cut off.

Please do keep trying as your call will be answered.

We understand that this is not an ideal situation, and thank you for your cooperation whilst we wait for BT to fix the problem.

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