Italian bikers bring therapy to GWH

Posted: February 25, 2020

Thrills for children and long-term patients

Three pro-bikers from Italy have travelled across Europe to introduce bike therapy to children and long-term patients at our hospital.

Motocross riders, Vanni Oddera, Alvaro Dal Farra and Ivan Falvo transformed the corridors of the hospital's children's ward into a bike track on Tuesday, 18 February.

The bikers have traveled across Italy with their innovative therapy, but this was the first time they had brought it to the UK.


Some of our long-term patients, both on the adult and the children's ward, are in hospital for weeks or even months and in that time, they don't often get to leave the ward. 

It was so important for them to have this experience - something away from normal hospital life that brought so many smiles. 

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