Improvements in culture of speaking up

Posted: July 10, 2020

Speaking up is key to patient safety

We are among the top ten trusts in the country with the greatest increase in staff feeling able to speak up.

The annual national Freedom to Speak Up Index, published by the National Guardian's Office, has highlighted the Trust as an organisation where the culture has greatly improved in the last year.

We believe that a positive speaking up culture, where staff feel comfortable expressing concerns and sharing great ideas is fundamental to providing safe and effective patient care.

We therefore have a team of Freedom to Speak Up Guardians who support staff to speak up when they feel that they are unable to do so by other routes.

They ensure that people who speak up are thanked, that the issues they raise are responded to, and make sure that the person speaking up receives feedback on the actions taken.

Our guardians also focus on making improvements in areas where staff feel less supported to speak up.

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