We've smashed national targets for sepsis treatment

Posted: July 8, 2019

Acute Sepsis and Kidney Injury (ASK) Team saving more lives

We have hit national targets in the timely identification and treatment of sepsis in its Emergency Department and other areas of the hospital. 

The CQUIN (Commissioning for Quality and Innovation) statistics showed that over a quarter of Trusts do not meet the requirement that sepsis patients are given antibiotics within an hour, but Great Western Hospitals Acute Sepsis and Kidney Injury Team (ASK) prides itself on hitting this target, with nearly 100 percent of patients treated within 60 minutes of arriving at hospital. 

The Trust has also met and exceeded national standards for screening patients admitted to inpatient wards who have suspected sepsis.

Around 95 percent of patients receive prompt sepsis tests, with 100 percent given antibiotics as soon as they start to deteriorate.   

Nicola Deveaux, ASK team lead, said: "Patient care and prompt, efficient treatment is our top priority when it comes to patients who arrive at hospital with sepsis. I developed the team as we knew there was a rise in sepsis and it is so important that these cases are spotted quickly. 

"We now cover a seven day service and are striving to hit and exceed the national targets as we know how vital it can be in saving lives when sepsis is treated quickly.

We try to see all patients within 15-20 minutes of them arriving at the front door. 

"If someone is concerned about a loved one, and suspects sepsis, it is always important that they seek help and advice quickly."

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