Staff to be treated to free happiness event

Posted: July 30, 2019

Treats for our wonderful staff and volunteers

Our staff and volunteers will be treated to a free all-day health and wellbeing event at the hospital this week. 

The Trust is incredibly proud of its staff and volunteers, who do their very best to provide high quality care for patients, and will continue to invest in programmes that keep them well and healthy. 

On Friday 2 August, massage therapists, skin and makeup experts and health and wellbeing advisors will come together to offer staff treatments designed to relax, comfort and de-stress. 

This is a much-needed distraction for staff who work every day in the busy environments of a hospital and don't always get the time to stop for a break. 

The event will also hold a tea party and snack bar, with healthy juices and smoothies offered by Swindon-based drinks company, The Core Juicery. 

The event is designed to give staff the chance to take some time, grab their colleagues and come together to pamper themselves, ease away any aches or pains or simply have a cup of tea and some cake. 

Sam Walklett, Health and Wellbeing Advisor, said: "We are committed to investing resources in our staff to keep them mentally and physically fit and well. 

"This ensures that they are coming to work in the best frame of mind and will provide the best quality care to patients without any other stresses or distractions. 

"Of course, our patients are our priority, but we cannot provide the appropriate care if our staff are not being properly looked after too." 

This wellbeing event is just one of the things that the Trust does to support its staff in their health and happiness.

Trust leads know that working for the NHS can be stressful and demanding, so they always make time to offer staff opportunities to take a break and enjoy experiences and opportunities that differ from their everyday roles. 

The Trust also offers staff support services for those who need additional health and wellbeing advice.

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