Join the Brighter Futures' lottery and win £25,000

Posted: October 1, 2019

New weekly lottery to help raise funds

Brighter Futures LotteryThere couldn't be an easier way of being in with the chance to win £25,000, as well as supporting Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust at the same time. 

The Trust's charity, Brighter Futures, has recently set up its very own lottery, giving players the chance to win big money every Friday. 

Your weekly participation in the lottery will help Brighter Futures to raise the necessary funds to improve the hospital environment, fund ground-breaking research, support the development and training of staff and provide state-of-the-art equipment. 

The more people play, the more money they receive. For every £1 entry, at least 50p goes directly to them.

When you join the lottery you will be allocated your own six digit lottery number. A random winning number is drawn with the simple aim to match the winning number.

Six digits in the correct place wins £25,000, five digits wins £1,000, four digits wins £25 and three digits wins five free entries into the next draw. 

Lisa Utting, Donor Development Manager for Brighter Futures, said: "The Brighter Futures Lottery is a great way to have a bit of fun every week and know at the same time you are helping support great care at our Trust. 

"The lottery is managed through Unity, the nation's leading fundraising lottery company, which guarantees a minimum 50 percent profit to Brighter Futures without any risk.  So the more people who play, the more money we will receive to help our cause. 

"There really is no better way to support your local hospital to fund that extra special level of quality care needed in order to make a real difference to patients, their families and the staff who treat them, all with impressive money prizes up for grabs." 

Wendy Pearce takes part in the Brighter Futures Lottery. 

"Before my husband passed away, he was really keen to help fundraise for the Radiotherapy Appeal," she said. "He would have needed radiotherapy in Oxford but could not face the journey, so it is great to hear that people in Swindon will have the option of radiotherapy closer to home. 

"I joined the lottery so that I could continue to help the hospital and do more to carry on my husband's desire to help. I just feel as if I am donating to the charity, without having to think about it. If I win any money, that'll just be a bonus." 

To sign up to the new Brighter Futures lottery, visit

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