Help us prevent delays in leaving hospital

Posted: October 10, 2019

We're very busy - how you can help

We're reminding local families, friends and carers what they can do to help prevent delays in patients leaving hospital when they are well enough.

Staff do all they can to ensure patients can leave hospital in a timely, well-planned and supported way and there is lots local people can also do to help.

What family, friends and carers can do to help

  • Be available to take part in discussions around the patient's recovery and on-going care needs, so that arrangements can be made early on
  • Arrange help around the home
  • Work with Swindon Borough Council to ensure any needed adaptions are made to the home
  • Collect medicine or equipment the patient might need
  • Offer or arrange transport and ensure the patient has a key to their home
  • Bring the clothes and shoes to leave hospital in
  • Make the home comfortable for the patient's return by putting the heating on and stocking the fridge.
  • Visit the patient to make sure they have settled home OK

Further information

Please see Leaving hospital.

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