Great Western Hospital leads the way down under

Posted: January 31, 2019

GWH has been approached by a Melbourne based healthcare provider.

Following the launch of the Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust's new Ambulatory Care and Triage (ACAT) Unit in December, the unit has now rolled out training to all its Advanced Nurse Practitioners so they can competently perform ascitic drains, a procedure where a small tube is inserted through a patient's abdominal wall to remove any build-up of fluid.

This procedure was historically performed by junior doctors, trained by senior colleagues, but with the advancement in the training offered to ANP's, it ensures a robust training procedure and good patient continuity of care.

The training involves observation of five procedures, performing of the procedures with an assessment of each attempt and the completion of a portfolio, which includes clinical reflection of each procedure.

The unit has seen some great success since its launch and has now been approached by Austin Health Hospitals Ambulatory Care Unit in Melbourne, Australia, for support and best practice advice in providing this specific training to its staff. With the support from the team at Swindon's new ACAT unit, Austin Health will be the first Australian hospital to run this service.

Neal Aplin, Advanced Clinical Practitioner, said: "It's an honour to have been approached by Austin Health for support in Australia.

"We're proud of the training we provide to our staff as well as the thorough competency framework and good clinical governance that's been established in Swindon, which has encouraged Melbourne to get on board with the training too. 

"We're very happy to support them with this and share our knowledge, skills and best practice with our healthcare colleagues across the globe."

Angela Sullivan, Nurse Unit Manager of Ambulatory Care at Austin Health, said: "The team at GWH have been such a brilliant support while I am in the process of setting up a similar programme here in Melbourne.

"The programme that GWH has set up is a leading one internationally and to be able to learn from their experience and apply it here has been invaluable. While our programme is still in its infancy, to be able to contact the team from the other side of the world has been a brilliant help. It's amazing to be able to work so closely with them thanks to the wonders of the internet."

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