400 more patients sign up to clinical trials at Great Western Hospitals NHS FT

Posted: July 4, 2019

The Trust has seen an impressive uptake over the last year

Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust's has seen a 21 percent increase - 400 more patients - recruited to clinical trials across the Trust.

Last year, 1,274 patients took part in clinical research. This year, this number has rocketed to 1,606 recruited patients, who have signed up to take part in trials in a variety of areas such as cardiology, paediatrics and diabetes.

Research is essential for the development of new treatments and interventions across the NHS, which will greatly increase a patient's treatment choices. Not only has it shown to improve mortality rates and earlier diagnosis but it is also an excellent opportunity for staff to learn new skills.

Encouragingly, 2018/19 has been a record breaking year for research across the country. This is a significant step towards the NHS Long Term Plan's target of one million people taking part in research by 2023/24.

To support the national response to vital research, the Trust's Research and Innovation team has developed over the years as the enthusiasm from clinicians and patients alike grows.

"Patients really do benefit from the innovative clinical trials that we have underway at Great Western Hospital," said Catherine Lewis-Clarke, Research and Innovation Manager.

"The research we carry out is ahead of its time and offer more treatment options for patients who are interested in trialling new drugs and equipment."

Patients travel from across the area to take part in a trial for patients with Sjogrens, a disorder to the immune system which results in a dry mouth and eyes. Dr Elizabeth Price is the leading consultant rheumatologist leading on the trial.

One patient taking part in the trial said: "I feel privileged to have been asked to take part in this trial, and hope that this kind of research will benefit future generations diagnosed with Sjogrens.

"The care and attention from research clinicians and my consultant has been thorough and has helped me to feel confident and relaxed with al procedures."




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