New provider for Swindon's out-of-hours GP service

Posted: January 31, 2018

Transfer to Medvivo on Thursday 1 February

The GP out-of-hours service in Swindon will transfer to a new provider from 8am on Thursday 1 February.

The service - which gives patients access to urgent medical help and assistance outside of normal hours - is currently provided by the Trust but will transfer to Medvivo from tomorrow morning.

Medvivo already provides similar services in Bath and other parts of Wiltshire.

The Trust originally inherited the service in autumn 2016 from former community healthcare provider Seqol, although the intention was to always seek a new provider to be sought.

By transferring to Medvivo, the current GP out-of-hours service will benefit from the new provider's strong track record in this specific area of healthcare.

Medvivo's experience and specialist staff will help to add extra resilience to a service that is widely used among people of all ages in Swindon.

As part of the transfer, a small number of Trust staff will move with the service to Medvivo.

Changing the provider will not have any impact on how patients access the service.  

Further details

To find out more about Medvivo, visit the website:

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