Learn the secrets of a good night's sleep

Posted: May 8, 2018

Advice and information on offer on Saturday 12 May

People tired of having their forty winks interrupted by the choking sensation of a common night time breathing affliction can learn how to sleep more soundly at an upcoming event at the Great Western Hospital.
The annual Sleep Apnoea Information Day takes place between 10am and 3pm on Saturday 12 May and is an opportunity for problem sleepers to put their troublesome nights to rest once and for all.
More common in men than women, sleep apnoea can be the reason behind many a grumpy morning as the condition, which affects a person's airflow during the night, can cause sleepers to wake multiple times during their slumber.
Caused by the throat muscles relaxing when a person is unconscious, extreme cases of sleep apnoea can stop a person from breathing for several seconds before awaking them with a violent jolt.
The condition, which is often worse in people with unhealthy lifestyles, is treatable and experts from GWH will be on hand throughout the day to share tips and advice.

Help is available early on

Samantha Backway, Specialist Sleep Nurse, said: "This event is now a permanent fixture in the hospital's calendar, as each year we see more and more people seeking help for this common problem.
"The trouble with sleep apnoea is that people often won't remember their interruptions, but come breakfast time, they're soon feeling the effects of a poor night under the covers.
"Although not getting enough shut-eye can cause restlessness, mood swings and a drop in concentration, it can also pave the way for more serious health concerns such as stroke, heart attack and type II diabetes.
"Knowing what help is available early on can really make a difference to not only the sleeper, but also the person lying next to them who may very well be experiencing the knock-on effect of their partner's condition."
Guests coming along on the day will be able to learn more about the various products available on the market that can help with sleep apnoea and talk with the hospital's team to find out which one is best suited to their specific needs.
Expert speakers will also be giving educational talks throughout the event, as well as holding question and answer sessions for people with a specific worry or concern.

Sleep apnoea sufferers unable to attend can still get more information about their condition by taking advantage of the Great Western Hospital's drop-in sleep clinic, which takes place every Wednesday between 8am and 3.30pm.
Admission to the Sleep Apnoea Information Day, which is being held on the lower ground floor of the hospital, is £2.
More information on sleep apnoea can be found online at www.nhs.uk.


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