Hospital to take part in scheme to end pj paralysis

Posted: April 16, 2018

#EndPJParalysis challenge running across the UK and Ireland until 26 June 2018

EndPJParalysis236x138GWH will be taking part in an NHS England campaign to encourage patients to get up, get moving and get home quicker.

For many in hospital, wearing pyjamas or hospital gowns all day reinforces being unwell and makes them less likely to get up and moving as soon as they are able to.

The #EndPJParalysis campaign is rolling out a national 70-day challenge from 17 April to get older people back home to their loved ones sooner by getting them dressed and moving around.

The challenge is running across the UK and Ireland until 26 June 2018 to tie in with the 70th anniversary of the NHS on 5 July 2018.

A recent pilot gave patients back 91,728 days or 250 years' worth of time across nine trusts in the East of England, as result of getting patients up and dressed.

GWH staff across the wards will be keeping a daily record of how many patients are up and dressed by midday and how many are mobile, using a secure app.

Wendy Johnson, Head of Safeguarding Adults at Risk and Mental Health, said: "It's about helping patients to get fitter quicker so they can get home.

"Staff should be encouraging patients to move and asking themselves if there is anything that can be done to get them more mobile.

"It will not only help to prevent long hospital stays for older patients, but will also help them to avoid bed sores and reduce falls in the long term."

Members of the public are encouraged to support the mobility of their friends and family in hospital by bringing items from home, such as well-fitting footwear and day clothes.

More information

For more information about #EndPJParalysis, visit or search for the hashtag on Twitter.

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