GWH gets top ratings from new mums

Posted: February 12, 2018

CQC survey results from January

The Great Western Hospital's Maternity Services has received near-perfect ratings from women who recently gave birth in Swindon.

New statistics released by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) reveal that the Swindon hospital's feedback ratings are on the rise, with huge improvements in reviews on maternity services.
The survey looked at labour and birth as well as care in hospital and at home after the birth.
Last summer, the CQC sent questionnaires to more than 18,000 women who gave birth across the United Kingdom in February 2017, with 141 responses coming in from Swindon mums.
GWH received an impressive rating of 9.9/10 in reviews on the involvement of birthing partners, where a partner or someone close to the mother was involved as much as they wanted during the delivery process.
The rating puts GWH at the top of the league against most hospital trusts in the country and has risen from survey results in 2015.

Other high-scoring areas include questions on staff, with more than 94 per cent of mothers reporting that they were spoken to in a way that they could understand and felt that they were treated with dignity and respect during labour and birth.
Further improvements have also been seen in reviews of patient care after the birth and staff introductions.
Christina Rattigan, Head of Midwifery, said: "It's good to get this feedback as it helps us to understand what our patients want, as we are always aiming to improve our services.
"We are really pleased with the results and it is heartening for staff to get positive feedback.
"One area we are doing especially well in is staff introductions; it's so important that patients know who is treating them and we are now performing better than the national average.
"We are also thrilled with the improvements on 2015's survey results and we will continue to work with our feedback to shape what we do here."
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