Community dietitians help develop new booklet

Posted: January 29, 2018

Nutritional booklet launches on Monday 29 January

Dietitians who work across Swindon have helped to develop an innovative guide to support patients who take oral nutritional supplements (ONS) when they are discharged from hospital.

The information booklet, titled "Eating when you have been unwell", will roll out to wards at the Great Western Hospital and healthcare teams in and around Swindon on Monday 29 January, after a successful trial period last year.

ONS are usually prescribed for patients at risk of malnutrition or those who need extra help to return to a healthy weight.

As well as explaining the uses of ONS, the guide offers general nutritional tips and advice, such as how to maintain a healthy diet at home and where to go for extra help in the long term.

The dietitians designed the booklet in partnership with medical nutrition firm Nutricia, with the support of nutrition link nurses at GWH and Healthwatch Swindon.

Teams released a trial batch of the booklets in July 2017, on four wards at the Great Western Hospital, including: Jupiter ward, the Trauma Unit and the two wards in the Swindon Intermediate Care Centre (SwICC).

The pilot scheme's feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with patients saying the booklets were incredibly useful, especially sections on meal suggestions and snack ideas.

Natalie Kominek, Community Dietetic Team Leader, said: "The booklet will help people to know what their supplements are for, how to take them and help them understand how to improve their nutrition in the long term.

"We want people to be getting the most from their food and hope this will become an integral part of patient care at the Trust."

Maxine Buyanga, Matron and Nutrition Lead, said: "The project is a very positive move towards recognising the importance of nutrition and will help our community dietitians to sign post those in need of continued support when they leave hospital."

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More information

ONS are prescribed to help individuals to meet their nutritional requirements and are available in powder, liquid or semi-solid form.

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