Teenagers offered alternative to college or uni with paid apprenticeships in the NHS

Posted: May 3, 2016

Apprenticeship open evening on Thursday 5 May

People of all ages, but especially school and college leavers, are encouraged to find out more about paid apprenticeships within the NHS at an informal open evening this week.
The event at the Great Western Hospital is a chance for people to learn why NHS apprenticeships are fast becoming a popular alternative to college or university for people nearing the end of full time education.
There are currently more than 100 apprentices working across a wide range of different areas at the Great Western Hospital, with each apprentice earning a weekly salary as part of their work to gain a professional qualification.
Some of the areas where the 100 apprentices are now learning new skills and expertise include finance, recruitment and business administration.
However, from September new starters will be able to choose from apprenticeship opportunities in some clinical areas such as audiology and the Academy training centre. 

"More than a qualification"  

Jenny Fotheringham, Business Admin Apprentice, joined the team at GWH when she was 16 after leaving school and deciding against two years of further education.
She said: "Being only 16 and going straight into such a large and well known organisation was quite daunting, but I'm so happy I did.
"An apprenticeship has provided me with more than a qualification and something to stick on my CV.
"It's made me more confident as a person and I have learnt so much and gained so many new skills that will be valuable to me throughout my working life."
As well as being part of an organisation that actively encourages career progression and development, NHS apprentices can take advantage of some really great perks.
In addition to the weekly salary, apprentices get a free bus pass, 27 days of paid holiday, dedicated study leave and a £500 bursary on completion of the course. 

"A long and successful career"  

Alex Stroud, Recruitment Team Leader, said: "The NHS is such a rewarding place to work and the apprenticeship programme is another way in which people can forge a long and successful career for themselves.
"We understand that choosing an apprenticeship over more traditional forms of higher and further education is a big decision, which is why we're holding this open evening.
"It's the perfect opportunity for anyone with questions to come along and get the answers they're looking for from the people in the know."
The open evening will take place in the Academy at GWH from 4:30pm on Thursday 5 May.
For more information on NHS apprenticeships visit www.job.nhs.uk and search for Great Western Hospital. 

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