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Posted: April 19, 2016

Open event for Mobile Chemotherapy Unit

Hope for Tomorrow logo 250An open event on Monday (18 April), provided the opportunity to learn more about 'Linda' - the Mobile Chemotherapy Unit which provides treatment nearer to patients' homes throughout Wiltshire.

The state-of-the-art Mobile Chemotherapy Unit brings chemotherapy treatment closer to home for many local cancer patients by visiting Marlborough, Eldene, Moredon, West Swindon and Calne on a weekly basis.

There are four treatment chairs on the Unit and treatment can last from a few minutes to many hours, with up to around 50 patients benefiting each month.
Funded by national cancer charity Hope for Tomorrow, the £260,000 Unit is one of only 11 in the country.

In a unique partnership, the charity owns and maintains the Unit and nurses from the Great Western Hospital administer the chemotherapy.

They also supply a car for the nurses to use.

Mobile chemotherapy unit 01a

The Open Day aims to celebrate this unique partnership and thank all those who have made it possible to keep 'Linda' on the road.

The special event will be attended by the husband of 'Linda' after whom the Unit was named, as well as patients who have benefited, charity supporters, NHS staff and Hope for Tomorrow staff. 
Helen Winter, Lead Chemotherapy Matron, Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said: "We are very grateful to Hope for Tomorrow for providing this fantastic facility which makes a real difference to our patients, especially those who live outside of Swindon.

It reduces travelling time which can be tiring and costly and also offers patients a less clinical, more homely environment to receive their chemotherapy."
Patients under the care of the Great Western Hospital, whose treatment meets the criteria, are offered the option of receiving their treatment on the Unit.
For further information please see the Hope for Tomorrow website www.Hope For Tomorrow website (

Photos from the event

Mobile chemotherapy unit 02

Dan Conley. The Unit is named after his late wife, Linda.

Mobile chemotherapy unit 03

Dr Helen Jones, Associate Medical Director

Mobile chemotherapy unit 05

Helen Winter, Lead Chemotherapy Nurse, being interviewed by BBC Radio

Mobile chemotherapy unit 04

NHS and Hope For Tomorrow staff inside the Unit

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