Chinese health leaders come to Swindon as part of UK visit to learn from the NHS

Posted: May 17, 2016

Zhejiang Health Bureau CEOs to get insight into the NHS

Executive leaders from one of China's leading healthcare institutes will be in Swindon this week as part of a UK-wide tour to gain a firsthand insight into the nuts and bolts of the NHS.
Arriving on Thursday 19 May, the group of 15 CEOs from hospitals managed by the Zhejiang Health Bureau will be at the Great Western Hospital to see how UK medical students are trained with help from expert staff and state-of-the-art equipment.
The leaders will be given a tour of the hospital's Simulation Suite, watch students work through a real simulation exercise before meeting the team behind the training facility. 

"Incredibly proud"  

Dr Michael Natarajan, Clinical Lead for Simulation, said: "The training facilities at the Great Western Hospital are among the best in the country and we are incredibly proud to have been chosen to demonstrate to our Chinese counterparts the very high standard of training that exists in the NHS.
"We work closely with the University of Bristol and every year see around 400 of their undergraduate medical students come to Swindon to undertake practical clinical training sessions as part of their studies.
"The feedback we get from students is always of a high standard, so I'm really excited that our visitors will actually get to see our fantastic equipment and facilities in use and the difference it can make to the next generation of doctors and nurses."
Swindon is just one of the stops on the Zhejiang Health Bureau's itinerary during its three week tour of the best healthcare providers in the UK.
The leaders, who have travelled nearly 5,000 miles from Eastern China, will be visiting other hospitals to gain an in-depth understanding of how the NHS operates.
Looking at the many different layers of the NHS, from education and management to finance and patient care, the CEOs will apply the knowledge gained from the trip to their own respective hospitals in China. 

Leading force  

A leading force in medical training, the Simulation Suite at the Great Western Hospital was opened in 2012 and has enough equipment and facilities for students and existing staff to carry out 150 different training scenarios.
Included in the suite is the SIM Man, SIM Mum and SIM Baby, a family of life-sized manikins with pulse, breath, voices and heartbeats to make training as real and lifelike as possible.  
Other features include a control room with microphones, cameras and two-way mirrors, which allow for all scenarios to be observed and recorded without students being distracted.
In recent years, the Simulation Suite has been used by local school and college students as part of the Trust's Dare to Doctor and Dare to Nurse events, which show young people the exciting nature of a career in the NHS.

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