Cancer patients past and present told there's life after treatment at second Living Well Day

Posted: June 20, 2016

Experts give advice on how to be healthy and happy post-cancer

Cancer patients coming to terms with life after treatment are to be given a helping hand at the latest Living Well Day offered by Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.
Around 80 guests will come to the Jurys Inn hotel in Swindon on Friday 24 June to hear expert advice from the Great Western Hospital's cancer team as well as speakers from local support groups on how to adapt to life post-treatment.
This is the second time that the Trust has teamed up with Macmillan Cancer Support to offer this event, after the first Living Well Day received a fantastic response from attendants in October last year.  
Lyndel Moore, Cancer Nurse Consultant, said: "While it's amazing news that more and more people are now living beyond cancer, it's often too easy to assume that a person's life will just return to the way it was after being given the all clear or finishing a course of treatment.
"In reality, cancer treatment can be emotionally, mentally, physically and, in some cases, financially draining and leave a person unsure of the next steps to take in their life.
"People are often worried about their cancer returning while also having to deal with the stresses of returning to work, supporting a family and adjusting to the long-term implications of treatment.
"The Living Well Day is about talking to these people directly, letting them know that it's OK to be unsure and providing them with the information they need to slowly learn how to live a full and happy life after cancer."
Guest will be given advice and information on several aspects of living well including the management of fatigue, how to keep negative thoughts and fears at bay, eating healthily and reintroducing exercise into everyday life.
There will also be the opportunity for guests to sample complimentary therapies, such as massage and meditation, which have been designed to help a person remain calm and relaxed at a time when they are feeling most anxious.
It is hoped that the Living Well Days will become regular fixtures in the Trust's calendar as it looks to support patients before, during and after their treatment.

The event will bring together a number of other Swindon healthcare organisations such as ABC Swindon, Relate, Swindon Carers Centre and Lift Psychology.
More information on living well is available from the Macmillan Cancer Support website.

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