Radiology team at GWH get medical Oscar nod

Posted: March 6, 2015

In the running for a BMJ Award

Dr Andy BealeA skilled team in the Radiology Department at the Great Western Hospital have been nominated for a prestigious award, often referred to as the medical equivalent of an Oscar. 

Dr Andy Beale, Consultant Radiologist (pictured, right), and his team of nursing staff are in the running to win Imaging Team of the Year at the national BMJ Awards, which take place in London on Wednesday 6 May. 

The team have been recognised for their extraordinary work in creating a specific pathway for patients suffering from malignant ascites, a condition in which fluid containing harmful cancer cells collects in the abdomen. 

Ascites is often hard to diagnose as there needs to be a large volume of fluid (around 1,500 ml) present in the abdomen for it to be picked up during an examination. 

The condition can be incredibly uncomfortable for the patient and can lead to other significant health problems such as loss of appetite, leg swelling, shortness of breath, and immobility.

Previously patients with the condition were admitted into hospital to have the fluid drained over a number of days. 

However Dr Beale's team have now been trained to use ultrasound to identify the fluid and guide the drainage process, which is completed in just a few hours.

Very special award

Dr Andy Beale said: "We are really delighted that we have been nominated for this very special award. 

"The pathway that we have created for patients undergoing drainage treatment has proved really effective and we have had fabulous feedback form patients. 

"It means that we are assessing and treating patients in a much quicker time and also freeing up valuable bed space for other patients."  

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