Please look out for the elderly this winter

Posted: November 25, 2015

How we should all Stay Well This Winter

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With the arrival of winter weather, now is the time for us all to start looking out for elderly friends, relatives and neighbours and, if they're unwell, to encourage them to seek help early on.

There's a wide range of local healthcare services available.

The information below should help you choose the best option for anyone - young or old.

If you're feeling unwell - act now

If you start to feel unwell it's always better to seek treatment early - before it gets worse.

Heathcare options

A visit to the pharmacist is a good first step, but see Healthcare options for more details.

Top tips

  1. Make sure you get your flu jab, if you're eligible
  2. Keep yourself warm - heat your home to least 18 degrees C (65F) if you can
  3. If you start to feel unwell - even if it's just a cough or cold, then get help from your pharmacist quickly before it gets more serious
  4. Make sure you get your prescription medicines before pharmacies close on Christmas Eve
  5. Always take your prescribed medicines as directed
  6. Look out for other people who may need a bit of extra help over winter

Further information

Please see Stay Well This Winter.

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