Patient being tested for Ebola as a precautionary measure

Posted: January 3, 2015

Risk to patients and visitors is low

Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust can confirm it is caring for an individual, at its Great Western Hospital in Swindon, with a history of travel to West Africa who is being tested for Ebola as a precautionary measure.

The Trust is awaiting the results of the sample, which is being screened for a variety of infectious diseases prevalent in the affected countries, one of which is Ebola.

The risk to local people, other patients or visitors to the hospital is very low. It is important to remember that contact with blood or other body fluids is needed for Ebola to be transmitted from one person to another. As a precaution the patient is being kept in isolation until blood test results are available.

The Trust has robust and established systems in place to manage patients with suspected infectious diseases and will be following agreed and tested national guidance for possible Ebola cases. A range of staff have undergone training in dealing with such patients and appropriate personal protective equipment will be used, much of which forms part of day to day infection prevention and control procedures.

It is not possible to provide any details on the individual being tested or any further information prior to the test result being known.

Patients should attend their appointments as planned. 

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