Parents in Wiltshire given help to look after their little one's teeth

Posted: March 31, 2015

Aiming to cut tooth decay in children under five

Great Western Hospitals Foundation NHS Trust is proud to announce the Big Project for Little Teeth, an innovative campaign aimed at reducing tooth decay in children under five over the next five years. 

The project will involve the Trust's Chippenham-based Oral Health Promotion Team visiting various community groups across Wiltshire to speak with parents about the importance of their child's dental hygiene. 

Tooth decay in Wiltshire children is rising with around 500 under-fives being admitted into hospital every year to have teeth removed under general anaesthetic. 

Nationally, more than 25,000 children aged between five and nine had some or all of their baby teeth removed in 2013 because of decay. 

Sue Dunne, Oral Health Promoter, said: "People often think that children don't need to start brushing until they've got a full set of baby teeth but parents should really be cleaning their child's mouth from an early age. 

"If babies become familiar with oral hygiene they will grow up with an awareness of their own dental health, which will then stay with them for life. 

"Since the project launched we have already visited mother and toddler groups, post natal groups as well as open days at children's centres. The sessions we run involve providing parents with the information they need and answering any questions they have." 

A specially made YouTube video which gives helpful tips and ideas on how best to engage children in oral health has been produced, allowing busy parents to learn from their own home. 

Watch the video here: 

The team have also worked with primary schools across the county to deliver fun interactive lessons which educate older children on the damage to teeth caused by a sugar-heavy diet. 

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