Online survey makes it easier for carers to leave feedback about a friend or loved-one's treatment

Posted: August 12, 2015

Carers who have recently visited the Great Western Hospital with a friend or relative can now leave feedback of their experience with the use of a new questionnaire.

The online survey, which was launched in the spring, is an easy way for any carer to anonymously and honestly share their experience of GWH with staff at the hospital. 

It is hoped that the responses generated through the survey will enable the Trust to identify areas for improvement in the care that is offered to both patients and their carers. 

Wendy Johnson, Matron for Older Person's Care, said: "Our duty of care extends not only to patients but their carers as well, that's why it's so important we listen to them and ensure they are well supported in their roles. 

"If a carer feels unsupported, it can often have a negative impact on the person they are looking after. The answers we get in this survey will allow us to make sure that every carer and patient is given the necessary help and support to make visiting us as easy and stress free as possible. 

"This is the first time we've had such a questionnaire in place and, in the short time it's been live, we've already had a really fantastic response." 

Previously, carers were asked to rate their experience of GWH in a paper survey but staff found that the responses were sparse and inconclusive.   

However since the online questionnaire launched in May, there's been more than double the number of responses for the whole of 2014, meaning teams now have a clearer picture of what carers think of the service at GWH. 

The online survey is open to all carers and can be easily accessed through the Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust website - just type 'carer experience questionnaire' in the search box on any page or follow this link: Carer Experience Questionnaire

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