Living Well: cancer survivors' event

Posted: October 9, 2015

People living with, or beyond, cancer learn how to return to normal life

Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is helping people living with or beyond cancer to adapt to life post-treatment by staging Swindon's first cancer survivorship event.
Taking place on Friday 9 October, the Living Well event has been funded by Macmillan to give local people the chance to meet with experts and look at how best to return to normal life following treatment for cancer.
Lyndel Moore, Lead Cancer Nurse, said: "With many more people surviving a cancer diagnosis, supporting patients to live well after treatment is a priority.
"When a person is receiving cancer treatment, it might be that they are meeting with either a doctor or a nurse every week. But once the treatment finishes, it could be several months before their next sit-down chat with a clinician.
"During this time people can often feel lost and unsure of how best to move forward. They may be struggling mentally, emotionally, physically and even financially, as cancer and its corresponding treatment can take a massive toll on every aspect of a person's life.
"This event is all about giving people access to the right information, so they can slowly learn how to better self-manage their condition and also look after themselves for years to come."
Around 40 invited patients, all of whom have been or are being treated for cancer, will hear top tips and guidance on subjects such as how to regain a healthy diet and appetite following treatment, as many treatments often require a person to alter their food intake, as well as learning about the benefits of gentle exercise.
Speakers from Prospect Hospice will be on hand to share information on how to fend off fatigue, a common side side-effect of nearly all cancer treatments, while representatives from Maggie's, a cancer support charity in Cheltenham, will talk about how to overcome the anxiety of returning to work.
Local psychologists will be around to give advice to patients on how to live a life not dominated by thoughts of cancer.
Before finishing, participants will be offered the chance to take part in a number of different relaxation therapies including aromatherapy, reflexology, acupuncture and also a light stroll around nearby Coate Water.
Other local healthcare organisations such as SEQOL, ABC Swindon, Healthwatch Swindon and Swindon Carers Centre will also attend the event.
More information on survivorship is available from the Macmillan Cancer Support website

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