GWH to offer dying patients opportunity to shape their own care plan

Posted: June 11, 2015

Dying patients to shape their own care needs

Dying patients at Swindon's Great Western Hospital (GWH), along with families and carers, will soon be more involved in planning their care thanks to new individual care plans.

The Personalised Care Plan (PCP) will enable patients to discuss and document their own personal end-of-life care needs and wishes with healthcare staff, including where they want to spend their final days and how loved ones should be supported.

It will be piloted on six wards from Monday June 15 at GWH before being rolled out across the hospital in July.

Key clinical staff have been trained by specialist end-of-life staff to support the PCP's launch.

The other areas the PCP looks at include:

  • information for patients and families about possible symptoms and how these can be treated
  • support for patients' food and drink needs
  • ensuring that spiritual and cultural needs are met
  • whether patients wish to donate their organs or body tissues
  • information about the hospital for friends, family and carers.

Dr Kate Tredgett, Consultant in Palliative Medicine, said: "Providing care tailored to the specific needs and wishes of dying patients is extremely important to patients themselves and to those who are important to them.

"The end of a person's life is a very difficult time for them and their loved ones. We hope that the introduction of the Personalised Care Plan will support patients with the range of decisions they need to make.

"It will help us ensure that every possible detail is recorded and that each patient's wishes are fully understood."

The PCP is part of Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust's overall End of Life Strategy, which is designed to ensure that patients, families and carers receive the care and support they need and that respect and dignity is preserved both during and after a patient's life.

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