We've Signed up to Safety

Posted: November 18, 2014

Making the NHS the safest healthcare system in the world

Sign up to Safety logo 200Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has signed up to a three-year government-led campaign that aims to make the NHS the safest healthcare system in the world.

Sign up to Safety from NHS England is about listening to patients, carers and staff, learning from what they say when things go wrong and taking action to improve patients' safety.

All NHS organisations are being asked to unite together and back the campaign which aims to deliver safe care for every patient, everytime, everywhere.

Sign up to Safety's three-year objective is to reduce avoidable harm by 50 per cent and save 6,000 lives as a result.

By signing up all organisations have to set out what they will do to reduce harm and further strengthen patient safety.  Plans are built around five core pledges including honesty, which focusses on championing openness and honesty in tackling patient safety issues, and collaborate, which encourages shared learning across all patient services.

Dr Mark Juniper, Clinical Lead for Quality said: "Every patient should have confidence that the NHS is doing all it can to ensure that the care they receive will be safe and effective at all times. 

"Patient safety is our Trust's top priority and over the years we have already done a huge amount of work on improving patient safety.  The campaign is about bringing all this work together and aligning it with programmes and activities from other organisations under one aim."

An area of patient safety the Trust has had great success in over the last year is tackling sepsis.  Previously known as septicaemia or blood poisoning, sepsis is the body's reaction to an infection where it attacks its own organs and tissues. It claims over 37,000 lives a year in the UK.

Over the past year use of the 'Sepsis Six', aset of six internationally recognised clinical interventions performed within the first hour of severe sepsis diagnosis, has become embedded across the GWH and awareness has improved.

Mark continues: "Since the Sepsis Six was launched last September, we have reduced the likelihood of dying from severe sepsis by over half. Our latest data from September suggests around 80 per cent of patients admitted to GWH with severe sepsis are surviving, compared with around 37 per cent previously.  We are now saving an extra 10 lives per month and this is reflected in our improved overall mortality rates."

Sign up to Safety is open to everyone to all healthcare staff to get involved, whether they work in a hospital, in mental health, learning disabilities, general practice, ambulance or a community care setting.  The idea is to harness the talent and enthusiasm within organisations and bring it together for the benefit of patients.

Further information

For full details please see Sign up to Safety.

See also the NHS England website: Sign up to Safety


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