GWH to host series of evening Twitter Q&A sessions with dietitians

Posted: October 24, 2014

Sugar: a bitter issue

Dietitians at Great Western Hospital are inviting people to take part in the first in a series of online Q&A sessions over Twitter next Wednesday evening (29 October).

The first Q&A session 'Sugar: A bitter issue' will take place via Twitter from 6.30pm-7pm and the public are invited to join in online and ask any questions they may have.

Rebecca Jewell, Community Dietitian at Great Western Hospital will be leading the session:

"Sugar has become a major topic on the heath agenda lately and the aim of this Q&A session will be to wade through some of the myths out there.  We want to provide an opportunity for the public to get in touch with us online and get the answers to some of those common questions about what sugar is the different types, why we need it in our diets and what sources of food provide sugar."

Some common myths surrounding sugar are that it is the most fattening nutrient, that brown sugar is healthier for you and that honey has less calories than sugar.

Rebecca continues: "Interestingly when people go on diets they will often cut out sugar as one of the first things to exclude but sugar actually has half of the calories than fat gram for gram.  There is a wealth of health information available about sugar; what we want to do is try something different and provide a new way to interact with people and raise awareness of the issue.

We are trying evening sessions as lots of people tend to be back from work then, have settled down for the evening and have some free time, but we welcome suggestions for alternative times."

Future Twitter Q&A sessions will cover healthy eating over Christmas and New Year diets.

To take part follow GWH on Twitter at and tweet your questions using the hashtag #AskGWH.

You can also email your questions in advance to

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