Trust's Smoking Policy

Posted: November 27, 2013

Response to NICE guidance about smoking on NHS hospital grounds

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has issued new guidance today (27 November 2013) saying that smoking should be banned on all NHS hospital grounds. 

You may therefore be interested in our current Trust smoking policy.

Smoking on our site

Smoking is not permitted in any of the Trust buildings, entrances and hospital grounds.  Our no smoking policy applies to all staff, patients and visitors on Trust premises - both inside and outside.

The policy complies with national guidance on smoke-free environments in hospitals and supports the Trust's commitment to reduce the risks of smoking for everyone.

We are a smoke free site, and originally we did not provide any smoking shelters for staff or patients and visitors at GWH, but we found that people started congregating down around the main road which became a safety issue.

We provide two smoking shelters for staff and patients and visitors away from the main hospital building; ideally we wouldn't have to use these and would prefer that people don't smoke due to the health risks. 

Last year we worked with Smokefree South West to get large no smoking signs put up around the hospital site - in areas where smokers tend to be, however it is something that is difficult to police and occasionally patients and visitors are unhappy when we ask them to move to a smoking shelter. 

That is why we rely on the support of patients and visitors to take notice of the signs and not to smoke on site, particularly at entrances to the hospital - not only is this about protecting their own health but also the thousands of other people who use the hospital everyday. 

NHS Smokefree

A great website with advcie and information, ways to quit, support available and stories from real-life quitters.


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