Major refurb of Emergency Department begins

Posted: August 9, 2013

Building work begins on our Emergency Department

Building work begins next week (Wednesday 14 August) to transform the Emergency Department at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon. The major revamp will create a more pleasant, modern and comfortable environment for both patients and staff.

The first phase of the project, which is expected to be complete at the end of October, includes the creation of a dedicated children's unit, as well as a complete redesign of the emergency department. Children will have their own waiting and treatment area with five private cubicles. The aim is to provide families with a more calm and child-friendly environment, away from the busy general waiting area.  The adults waiting area will also undergo a refurbishment with new seating, a TV screen and refreshments.  

Emergency Department Consultant, Mr Rana Nag, the consultant leading the project, said: "We are all really excited about the new department. Best practice from other hospitals and feedback from staff and patients have all been considered in the new design. As well as creating a much nicer environment for patients, the new layout will help us to work more efficiently, helping to improve the quality of care and reduce waiting times.

"The emergency department will remain open as normal throughout the building work. We are open 24 hours a day to treat the most critical and life-threatening injuries or illnesses."   

The new design means that:

  • All clinical staff will be operating from one central area, which aims to speed up decision making, resulting in patients being treated more quickly and efficiently.
  • Consultants will be able to monitor an increased number of critically ill patients at the same time, improving patient safety.
  • Clinical staff will be able to make sensitive phone calls in a private glass room, protecting patient confidentiality.
  • A specially designed central staff base will improve security for staff.
  • New doors at the entrance will prevent sudden drafts of cold air, which is a problem with the existing design.

The pause

The project will pause for the busy winter period and begin again next May. Later work will involve the total refurbishment of the adult waiting area and creating an additional four cubicles, for patients with minor injuries, such as a broken arm. This will bring the total number up to six, providing more private space for patients.

More emergency medicine consultants and nurses

In addition to revamping the department, the Trust has invested in three extra emergency medicine consultants, bringing the total number of consultants to nine and is also looking to recruit extra nurses. This will mean that more patients will be treated by senior consultants and patients will be treated more quickly.

This investment is in preparation for another busy winter. The team usually treat around 210 patients a day; however this can increase to as many as 280 patients a day. Last year over 77,000 patients visited the Emergency Department.

Help brighten up Swindon's new Emergency Department!

The Trust's charity 'Brighter Futures' is appealing for donations to help buy additional equipment, toys and furniture, which the department cannot afford with their NHS budget alone, but will make a big difference to patients and their friends and family members.

Hannah Persaud, Fundraising Manager, said: "We hope that local people will help us to make the waiting area that bit nicer. The money we collect will go towards those little extras which will help to pass the time and make waiting more comfortable, for example a TV, I-Pads, toys and a refreshment stand."

To make a donation visit our Just Giving Page.

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