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Posted: June 7, 2012

2012 Governor nominations now open - Gloucestershire and BANES

Nominations are now open for candidates who wish to stand as governor of the Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in the Gloucestershire and BANES constituency.

The official notice of election, with instructions as to how to nominate yourself, can be found here.

Who are the Governors?

Governors are Members of the Trust who have been elected to represent the views of Members in their areas (constituencies).

There are three types of governor:
Public - elected by Members of the Trust who reside in a constituency (Swindon, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire and West Berkshire or Gloucestershire, Bath and North East Somerset)

Appointed - appointed by other organisations (stakeholders) who have an interest in the work of the Trust.

Staff - members of Trust staff, elected by members of Trust staff

Although these Governors are appointed in different ways, all Governors have an equal seat at the Council of Governors.

How can I become a Governor?

You must be a Member of the Trust in order to stand for election as Governor. For details about membership please click here. You must be 18 or over.

You must stand for election in the constituency in which you reside. You can learn more about standing to be a governor by clicking here.

What do the Governors do?

The Council of Governors meets quarterly and is responsible for representing the interests of NHS Foundation Trust members and partner organisations to the Trust Board of Directors. The Council is responsible for holding the Board of Directors to account for the Trust's performance.

Click here to see the minutes of the council of governors meetings and the calendar of forthcoming meetings.

There are four working groups made up of different governors:

Patient Experience Working Group - meets to consider issues affecting patient safety and quality

Finance - meets to consider the Trust's budgetary position

Nomination and Remuneration - meets to consider the appointment of non-executive directors etc

Membership - meets to consider membership engagement projects and strategies
Governors represent the views of Trust Members and so raise questions with or bring issues to the Board of Directors for response or comment on behalf of Members.

Visit our Members section for more information on membership and becoming a governor.

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