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Posted: November 27, 2012

Volunteers needed to help us improve patient experience

Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is calling on volunteers to share their stories as part of a project to help improve patient experience.

The Trust will be using a technique which encourages observation and reflection, encouraging staff to learn from the stories of patients and service users and develop a better understanding of their experiences.

Hilary Walker, Chief Nurse said: 

"As healthcare professionals it's important to us to ensure that patients are at the centre of everything we do.  This approach will give us an opportunity to take a step back, observe and really listen to patients as they talk about their experiences, the good, the not so good, and the everyday. 

In small groups patients will be free to talk about their time under our care, the treatment they had, and so on.  There will be members of staff from the relevant areas present to listen their stories, with a facilitator overseeing.

The exercise will allow staff to share examples of good practice, and also reflect on what could be done better.  Staff will also be encouraged to consider actions that can be taken in their day to day work which would further improve quality of experience and service for our patients."

Get involved
To make this a success, the Trust is calling for volunteers who have been patients at GWH or out in the community across Wiltshire, at anytime in the last 12 months.  Those taking part will be given a shopping voucher as a thank you for giving up their time. 

If you would like to be involved in this exercise or want further information please contact Rachel Cross at

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