'Enjoy it. Don't spoil it' call to Euro 2012 fans

Posted: May 21, 2012

Message to supporters as countdown begins

The Wiltshire and Swindon Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs) are urging supporters not to ruin it for themselves or others by getting involved in anti-social or criminal behaviour.

The CSPs bring agencies and communities together to help people to feel safe.

England, led by new manager Roy Hodgson, have qualified for the tournament, which kicks off on Friday 8th June and reaches its climax with the final on Sunday 1st July. The matches are being played in Poland and Ukraine.

Supporters who don't have tickets will be following the fortunes of the Three Lions on TV and radio. Polish fans in Swindon and Wiltshire will also be hoping their team, spurred on by the home crowds, will do well.

Posters with the "Enjoy it. Don't spoil it" message are being displayed in pubs, clubs, health centres, hospitals, council buildings, courts and police stations.

A Polish language version has been produced for the communities in Trowbridge and Swindon.

Wiltshire CSP chair Maggie Rae said: "The agencies that make up the Wiltshire CSP want every football fan in the county to enjoy Euro 2012. But, in order to enjoy the tournament, people need to be sensible.

"For example, if they need to use a cash dispenser it is better to do so at the start of the evening before they have had a drink. And they need to know how they are going to get home before they leave for a night out. They also need to drink responsibly and stay out of trouble.

"Passions can run high during a tournament like Euro 2012, and we are strongly urging football fans to respect those who support other teams in the competition."

Swindon CSP manager Richard Palusinski said: "We want everyone to enjoy Euro 2012 in safety, whether they are at home or out and about at a pub or club in the borough.We and our partners share a common goal - to keep Swindon a safe place, whether or not you're a football fan.

"We are very keen to encourage people to drink responsibly, both during the football tournament and in general. Excessive drinking can put your health at risk as well as putting you at risk of being involved in violence, anti-social behaviour or theft.

"Our advice to people who are going out for a drink and to watch a match is to be drink aware, and to keep an eye on their purse or wallet and their phone. If you are coming into town to enjoy a televised event, remember keys, money, phone - plan to get home.

"The vast majority of people will want to enjoy the football and have an enjoyable evening. But if any trouble does occur, the best advice is to steer well clear."

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