Response to the Care Quality Commission's findings on dignity and nutrition

Posted: October 13, 2011

Statement on Care Quality Commission report into NHS care of the elderly

In April 2011, the Care Quality Commission carried out unannounced inspections in two wards at GWH looking at aspects of patient dignity and nutrition.

The inspection report highlighted many areas where we are performing well, such as treating patients with respect, ensuring that they share accommodation only with people of the same sex and that patients were offered a choice of food. However, it also highlighted some areas where we could do better in ensuring patients' dignity is maintained.

We were disappointed that on the day there were some areas of our care which the CQC felt needed to be improved and we took that feedback very seriously, as we do with all other types of feedback we receive. 

Following the inspection, we formed an action plan to address the issues raised, which was submitted to and approved by the CQC. Since then they have informed the Trust that they are reassured by the actions we have been taking. This is supported by a more recent inspection by the CQC in July which showed no significant concerns. 

We are now working to make sure the action plan is fully implemented and to ensure that wherever a patient is cared for in the Trust they receive the same high standard of care.

We continue to work hard to provide the best care for patients and service users and encourage feedback so that we can  always look for ways we can do things better.

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