Planned national strike action

Posted: November 28, 2011

Maintaining patient services on Wednesday 30th November 2011

On Wednesday 30th November 2011 there is a national day of action involving many public sector trade unions in response to proposed changes to public sector pensions.  Although this dispute is between the Trade Unions and the Government, it will involve a strike by some Trust staff working at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon and in the community in Wiltshire.

We have been developing plans to ensure we can minimise any disruption to patient services during the course of the strike.  Our priority will be to continue to maintain services to our patients and ensure those services are delivered safely.

We do not anticipate wholesale disruption at this stage and the majority of our services will continue to be delivered as normal.  In some areas where we are aware that staff may go on strike we have plans in place to manage that including postponing some outpatient procedures. 

We have written to some patients to rearrange appointments but if you are unsure as to whether your appointment will go ahead please call the number on your outpatient letter, or alternatively outpatients can call 01793 604080.

For patients with planned elective surgery (in all specialities) please call 01793 646171 or 646170.

For people who need emergency treatment please be assured that the industrial action will not affect the care and treatment you need.

We are grateful for the support of our staff throughout this time.


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