New uniforms for Pharmacy team

Posted: November 3, 2011

Pharmacy team unveil new uniforms making them easier to identify around the hospital

The Pharmacy Department have unveiled their new uniforms this month, which have been introduced to make it easier for patients and staff across the hospital to identify them.

Previously the pharmacy staff wore white tunics, and this meant it was not easy for them to be distinguished between other members of staff with similar uniforms such as physiotherapists.  Whilst they were on the wards, patients and visitors would also sometimes confuse them for nurses.

The new uniforms, which were funded by the Pharmacy Department with help from the Trust's Charitable Funds, are a distinctive green colour, emblazoned with the name of their department and the Trust logo.  The green colour of the uniforms reflects the standard pharmacy green colour.

Pharmacy team

Sarah Davis, Pharmacy Operations Manager at GWH said: "The new uniforms will enable us to ensure a consistent and professional image across our department.  In the summer we began looking at the different options and styles available to see what would be suitable. 

"Radiology staff at the hospital have distinctive burgundy uniforms which make them recognisable, and we wanted to have something similar."

The new uniforms have been welcomed by pharmacy staff who have been looking forward to the change.

Hannah Elding, Lead Pharmacy Technician said:  "Everyone has been really enthusiastic about the new uniforms, and they have made us all feel more like a team.  We will be more recognisable around the hospital now, and hopefully when patients want to speak to pharmacy staff, they can look out for the green uniform and feel confident they are approaching the right person."


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