Integrated care

Whether in hospital, in the community or at home, care should feel joined-up and well-coordinated at every stage of the journey, for patients, their families and carers, regardless of which organisation is providing that care.

We know that this is not always the case. 

Therefore we are working closely with local health and social care organisations, including:

  • Swindon CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group)
  • Wiltshire CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group)
  • Swindon Borough Council
  • Charities such as Prospect Hospice
  • Nursing homes

The aim is to ensure that we are working together in the most effective, collaborative and integrated way possible.

This work is a big priority as we believe that integrated care will provide a better experience for patients and their families and a more rewarding working life for staff.

Further information

To learn more, please visit the Swindon Clinical Commissioning Group website: Integrated care ( 

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