Equality and Diversity

The Trust aims to design and implement services, policies and measures that meet the diverse needs of our population and workforce - ensuring that none are placed at a disadvantage.

We are committed to the provision of high quality and safe care for all members of the communities that we serve and the development of a culture where people are valued and respected for their individual differences.

The Trust has a duty to protect service users, employees, job applicants, volunteers, students, contractors and agency staff from victimisation and harassment and includes those with "protected characteristics".

The promotion of the Equality Act 2010 throughout the Trust creates an environment in which everyone feels valued and able to give their best.

It improves recruitment and retention, and employee relations.

Equality and Diversity Operational Group

We have an Equality and Diversity Operational Group, which is an implementation and monitoring group ensuring that the Trust equality and diversity requirements meet legal and NHS standards.

The group identifies any impediments and resource challenges in meeting the Trust equality and diversity agenda.

This group reports its activities through to the Trust Board.

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