Art at the Great Western Hospital

Art 3As you walk around the Great Western Hospital you will see an eclectic mix of paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, sculptures, installation art and mixed media works.

These all enhance and reflect our surroundings.

Our clinics, waiting rooms, wards and courtyards display the many pieces in our collection - no area is without some form of original artwork.

How to get involved

The Arts Committee oversee the art displayed throughout the hospital.

It's made up of hospital staff, patients and local artists who oversee the committee's objectives to: 

  • Maintain a standard of high quality, contemporary art with a view to attracting further funding for development.
  • Use the arts to soften and humanise the hospital environment
  • Use visual art as an aid to wayfinding
  • Build links and relationships with the local community to engender an increase in trust and affection for the hospital
  • Affirm the artistic themes of the Trust - the "Journeying" theme in the main hospital building and the "Water" theme in the Brunel Treatment Centre.
  • Install art that compliments the contemporary architectural design of the buildings.


For more information about the artworks on display in the hospital or to arrange a guided tour and view some of the other artworks on display, please email or contact:

Steve Henderson
Tel: 01793 604288

We rely on loans, donations and goodwill from local artists to expand our collection.

If you can help in any way please contact us.

Further information

For details of how to make a donation to the Trust please see Support us.

For information for prospective exhibitors please see Guidelines and Information for Artists.

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Please contact us at and we'll put it right.

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