Visitor guidance

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

Help us keep patients, staff and volunteers safe 

We have made changes to reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). 

This includes restricting visiting at the Great Western Hospital.

We understand that this is difficult for lots of people, but it's important that we follow the guidelines to protect patients, staff and volunteers.

You are also putting yourself at a greater risk of infection by visiting the hospital.

If you are planning to visit a patient in the hospital

Please phone the ward or department you are planning to visit to book a visit. 

Visitors are limited to one visitor per patient at any one time.

There are exceptions, so it's important to  phone the ward or department you would like to visit and ask for their advice when booking your visit. 

For example, two visitors can visit a patient at the end-of-life and patients under the age of 16, if authorised by a clinician at the time of booking.

Children and young people under the age of 16 should not visit the hospital, unless advised otherwise by a clinician. 

Accompanying others into hospital 

Accompanying a vulnerable patient with a physical or mental disability

Carers may accompany patients with physical or mental disabilities, who would be unable to attend alone.

Accompanying a patient under the age of 16

One parent or guardian may accompany a person under the age of 16 to the Emergency Department, the Urgent Care Centre, or to an Outpatients appointment.  

Acting as a nominated birthing partner

One person can be nominated to accompany a woman giving birth. For further information, please see Maternity Services.

Outpatients and antenatal visits

Patients attending outpatient appointments or women attending antenatal appointments should attend alone, unless advised otherwise by a clinician. 

One parent or guardian may accompany a patient under the age of 16.

Collecting a patient leaving hospital

If you are planning to collect a patient leaving hospital, please contact the ward or service for instructions on where to meet them.

Only one person should enter the hospital building to collect a patient.

Please do not wait for patients inside the hospital building, unless you have been asked to by a member of staff.

We do not want people waiting in corridors, in the main atrium reception area or anywhere else inside the hospital building.

This is because having lots of people inside the hospital increases the risk of infection to patients, staff and volunteers.

Staying safe in the hospital

If you visit the hospital you will be asked to wear a face mask or covering - please see Coming to the hospital or attending a GP appointment.

You may also be asked to wear additional personal protective equipment (PPE) by the ward or department you are visiting.

You should stay two metres away from other people where possible.

We ask all visitors to wash their hands before entering and leaving the building and to use the hand sanitiser outside each ward and department.

Further information 

Please see also Outpatients.

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