Storm damage to the hospital

Posted: February 10, 2020

Entrances, parking and bus routes affected

Yesterday, we had some storm damage to part of the hospital roof near to the Shalbourne Private Health Care entrance. 

Please be aware that the Shalbourne entrance is currently closed.

To access Shalbourne, please enter the hospital via the Brunel Treatment Centre, near to Café Blue.

Volunteers will be on hand to direct you. 

Half of the south staff car park is also closed.

Staff are asked to park in the gravel car park instead. 

We have reopened the Emergency Department car park and Ambulance arrival bays. 

Due to the cordons, some buses are not able to drive their usual route around the whole hospital.

Please ensure you are not waiting at either the Brunel Treatment Centre bus stop or the SwICC bus stop (near the cow), as buses will not stop there.

They are only picking up from the main Atrium bus stops. 

The building is continuing to be inspected today and the cordon will remain in place until after the storm has completed passed. 

Thank you for your cooperation.

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